How To Prevent Duplicate Post Title In WordPress?

As a blogger, you have tons of post published on your blog already.

AND you are writing new posts also.

Something, you might forget about the post title you already created and write the same title for a new post you are going to publish.

It will create the Duplicate Post title issue.

If your blog has two or more post with the same title then it can harm your website’s SEO.

Google won’t be happy to see you have duplicate post title, It can trouble Google which one should rank if any is eligible to rank.

If you are looking for the guide on how to prevent duplicate post title in WordPress then you are in the right place.

This post is going to help you to prevent duplicated post title in your WordPress blog.

How WordPress Identify Duplicate Title?

WordPress has an in-built option that helps you to identify that you have added a duplicate post title by adding 2 at the end of the Post URL.


But the title is still duplicate, Google still will be in trouble which one should rank for the keyword you targeted in post title and URL.

Prevent Duplicate Post Title In WordPress

There is a simple plugin in the WordPress directory that will alert you about the duplicate post title.

The plugin that will help you to prevent duplicate post title is Unique Title Checker. It is a very simple Duplicate post checker plugin that will alert you whenever your post has a duplicate title.

You need to download Unique Title Checker, by going to WordPress Dashboard>Plugin>Add New. Here is how to install a WordPress plugin.

This is a very simple plugin, you don’t need to set up if. Just install and activate, It will start its work immediately.

It is done you can now test it by adding the new post with the same post title which you have published before. It will alert you to the red message that 1 post has the same title.

Prevent Duplicated Post Title

And when your post title is unique so it will alert you with the green message as shown in the below image.

Post title is not duplicate

Here is the video of complete process you can follow to prevent duplicate post title in your WordPress website.

Additional Duplicate Title Checker Plugins

There are some other good alternatives for Unique Title Checker which can help you to do the same. 

Duplicate Title Checker

Duplicate Title Checker 

Another simple plugin for you to prevent duplicate post title on your WordPress website. It will show you an alert message saying “Please enter another title it already exists“.

By this alert message, you can easily identify that you are adding a duplicate post title. and you can change that to make Unique.

Similar Post-Title Checker

This plugin provides similar posts title to prevent duplicate post title and publish unique post title when adding a new post in the admin area. When you insert your post title, a similar post title will be shown under post title input.


I am sure now you can prevent duplicate post title issue in your WordPress blog.

I have shared the all plugins that you can use to fix this issue. Unique Title Checker is the simplest one in all of them which I used personally.

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful if you did then must share it with others.

have any query? Please share in the comments

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