How to Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics in WooCommerce

Do you have an WooCommerce store and want to track its performance?

Well, you will get the exact method here that you can use to track your WooCommerce store’s performance.

It will help you the understand your customers’ behaviour and eventually, it will help you in bringing more sales and revenue.

In this post, you will be seeing the complete step-by-step method to enable WooCommerce Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce and track your WooCommerce store performance.

Let’s divide the entire process into steps to make it is easier to understand and follow to setup Enhanced eCommerce using Google Analytics.

Step #1 Install MonsterInsights Plugin

For this whole process, you need MonsterInsights plugin installed in your site. MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin that provides detailed and easy to understand insights report directly on your WordPress dashboard.

MonsterInsights is really easy to set up in a WordPress site even you don’t need to play with the codes.

You can easily download this plugin by going to Plugins>Add New and then search for “MonsterInsights“.

You will see Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights, click on the Install and then Activate to make the plugin live in your WordPress site.

MonsterInsights is a freemium plugin, means you will get both versions free as well as the paid ones. But if you want to track your WooCommerce store performance and related things then you will not get this feature in the MonsterInsights free version.

Let’s talk about the MonsterInsights Pricing and which plan you should go with to get this eCommerce tracking feature.

MonsterInsights Plans

There are the three plans that MonsterInsights offers, Agency, Pro and Plus. You at least need to go with the Pro plan to get the WooCommerce tracking feature.

You can buy using this link to get 50% OFF on MonsterInsights.

Once you purchased the MonsterInsights, now it’s time to upgrade your plugin by adding valid license key.

Just go to Insights>Settings and paste your license key in the box then click on Upgrade PRO Features Now.

It will upgrade and unlock all the features for you, now you can easily set up WooCommerce tracking.

Step #2 Activate The eCommerce Addon

Now, it’s time to activate the eCommerce Addon offered by MonsterInsights which you can easily do by going to Insights>Addons.

Search for eCommerce addon and activate that by clicking on the Activate button. When it will be activated, you will be seeing a green active message.

Once the eCommerce addon activated, head over to your Google Analytics account to proceed further.

Step #3 Enable Enhanced eCommerce Tracking In Google Analytics

Login to your Google Analytics account and select the website you want to set tracking for.

Then click on the Admin settings at the bottom of the left side menu.

Then click eCommerce Settings under the column on the right.


Now you will see some slide buttons, see the below image and make the same settings as shown.

Now turn on the slider under the Enhanced eCommerce Settings and then click on Submit button.

You have done the Google Analytics part, now let’s activate the same in MonsterInsights.

Step #4 Enable Enhanced eCommerce in MonsterInsights

Now you need to enable the Enhanced eCommerce in MonsterInsights installed your WordPress site.

Go to Insights>Settings and then select eCommerce from the top menu and enable the option: Use Enhanced eCommerce.

You are good to go, the addon will start tracking your WooCommerce store’s performance and will show you the reports directly on your WordPress site.

Step #5 See Your WooCommerce Store’s Performance Reports

Once you have set up the WooCommerce tracking in your store, MonsterInsights will start tracking your WooCommerce store performance and will provide you reports that can help you to boost sales and revenue.

Let’s see where you can find all those reports…

Go to Insights>Reports and select eCommerce from the menu.

On the next page, you will be seeing the Overview of your store’s performance including the Conversion Rate, Total Transactions, Revenue and Avg. Order Value. You can also change the date range as per your wish.

Next, scroll down a bit and you will see a Top Products section. This will help you to know the best performing products in your WooCommerce store along with the Quantity, % of Sales and Total Revenue generated.

You can also see the Top Conversion Sources for your store, it will help you to know about the websites that are sending most converting traffic to your store.

It will also show you the Visits, % of Visits and Revenue generate from each sources. It will give you a clear idea about the well-performing sources and sources where you need to work to get more revenue.

MonsterInsights also shows you the Total Add To Carts by your customers and Total Removed From Cart at the time of checkout.

MonsterInsights report also shows the Time and Sessions to purchase. It will help you to know how long it takes for a customer to convert.

This is how you can setup Enhanced eCommerce tracking for your WooCommerce store.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful if you did then must share it with others.

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