How to Quickly Create Exit Popups for WooCommerce?

Do you want to create exit popups for your WooCommerce store?

You got a helpful tutorial today where I am going to help you to set up exit-intent popups for your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that let WordPress users create their e-commerce store with a few simple clicks. It adds everything that one ever needs to run an online e-commerce store smoothly.

How Exit Popups Can Boost Sales?

Have you ever seen a popup that just appeared when you were about to exit the site?

They are pretty attractive and work pretty well in gaining the attention of customers and holding them on site.

It looks something like this:


This also helps in reducing the bounce rate.

With the help of exit popup, you can draw their attention to a certain product or deal.

As your WooCommerce store may have lots of awesome products, they might get distracted. But drawing their attention to your hot deal or product can boost sales.

There is a tool that makes creating these kind of eye-catching popups pretty easy, the tool name is OptinMonster.

OptinMonster is best tool for creating any kind of subscription forms like popups, slide-in forms, inline etc. This really helps in boosting your email list and sales of a E-commerce store.

It is basically a WordPress plugin that allows you to create subscription form easily using its drag-n-drop builder.

To know more about OptinMonster, consider reading this OptinMonser Review here…

Now let’s see how you can create exit popups on your WooCommerce store.

How To Create A Exit Popup For WooCommerce Store?

Before proceeding, you need to signup for OptinMonster. It is a premium WordPress plugin, it doesn’t have a free plan yet but you are secure with its 14-day risk free money back guarantee.

You can take full-refund in the next 14-days if you are not satisfied with the tool.

Let’s talk about the OptinMonster Pricing:

It has basically four plans and its pricing starts from $9 per month. If you need OptinMonster for one site then its basic plan is enough for you because it allows you to use the plugin on one site only.

But if you have more than one site then consider going with a higher plan.

You can use this link to buy OptinMonster with best available discount.

Now log into your OptinMonster account and click on Create a Campaign button you can find on the right-top corner.


Now choose the campaign type. There are four campaign types are available, Popup, Floating bar, Fullscreen, Inline and Side-in.

For now, we are going with the Popup.


In the next step, you will need to select a template for your campaign. However, you can create one from Scratch. OptinMonster has over 50+ pre-built templates which make designing easy and saves a lot of time from creating one from scratch.

OptinMonster pre-built templates

There are templates available for all type of devices, including mobile as well. You can also filter templates as per the device you are creating popup for.

Device filter

It will ask you to give a name to your Campaign and select a website you want to load this campaign on.

Once you are done with both the fields, hit the Start Building button at the bottom.

Design Your Exit Popup

Designing a campaign with OptinMonster is pretty easy, thanks to its drag-n-drop builder that really saves time and a non-technical guy can also use it without any hustle.

You can change any element in your Campaign just by clicking on it, let’s say you want to change the heading of the popup. Just click on it and you will get all the options at the left side.

You can change the image by clicking on it and add your own image instead of that. Once you click on the image, you will see select to replace image option at the left side.

replace the image

If you want to add an element on your popup, you can do that by clicking on the +Add Blocks button at the top.

Here are some of the blocks that you can add in your WooCommerce Exit popup:

  • Button
  • ChatBot
  • Countdown Timer
  • Divider
  • Text
  • Images
  • Video

Here is an example popup that I have created within few minutes for this tutorial.

Setup Coupon Delivery

The best way to hold your customers to your store is by providing them huge discount coupon just before when they about to leave your website.

And trust me! It works like a charm, think about it. Who doesn’t want to save money, everyone does right.

Now lets see how you can deliver the discount coupon to your customers who are about to leave your site.

Head over to Success view of your exit popup, it is good if you deliver the coupon instantly to your customers when they enter their email address and also share through email.

If you want to redirect your customers to a certain page or landing page then you need to use the Button Click Action and enter your page URL to deliver coupon.

The another benefits of using OptinMonster is, you can collect your customer emails at the same time when showing them exit popup to hold on your site.

You can connect your exit popup to your email service provider or can use MonsterLeads. This will help you to grow your email list…

Go to Integrations>+ Add New Integration and choose email provider from the list.

If you are first time connecting with your Email provider through OptinMonster then it will require authenticating with your account.

Once done! All the email filled in your exit popup forms will be added to your email list.

Display Settings For Your WooCommerce Exit Popup

Now the designing part is completed!

It is time to play with your Display settings, in this you can set when your exit popup should show. This is very important…


By default, you’ll have 2 display rules set:

  • Time on page is at least 5 seconds
  • Current URL path is any page

But as we are creating an exit-intent popup, means it should show when a visitor is about to exit from your page. We need to play with the settings a bit.

In the first row, search for Exit detected rule and then set desktop devices only, However you can activate it for both types of devices. At last sensitivity, It should be Medium.

Now your exit popup is ready to be placed on your WooCommerce store. Lets see how you can place it.

Embed Your WooCommerce Exit Popup

This is the final step, now your form is ready to be placed on your WooCommerce store.

But first, install the OptinMonster plugin in your WordPress WooCommerce store and connect your OptinMonster account.

Now go back to OptinMonster builder and click on the Publish at the top.

Now make the status LIVE from Paused using the slider.

When your OptinMonster popups status is LIVE, it is live on your site if you have installed OptinMonster plugin and connected to your OptinMonster account.

This is how easily you can create exit-intent popup for your WooCommerce store that will help you to boost your sales and also grow your email list at the same.

OptinMonster really makes easy to create any kind of subscription form using its drag-n-drop builder.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, if you did then must share it with others.

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