How To Share Google Analytics Data With Others(Clients, Partner etc.)?

Are you looking for a quick tutorial on how to share Google Analytics data with your clients?

You got one! Because in today’s post, I am going to share the quick method that you can take in use to share your Google Analytics data with your clients or whoever you want to share with.

You can not give them access to your Google Analytics account because of having confidential data from your customers and visitors.

I am going to share a method where you don’t need to grant your Google Analytics account’s access to anyone and still can share the data with your clients or whoever you want to.

Important: For sharing the Google Analytics data with others, you need to use MonsterInsights plugin for WordPress which can help you to access your traffic insights directly from your WordPress dashboard.

And, you can also use it for sharing your Google analytics data with your clients or whoever you want to share it with, without sharing access to them.

MonsterInsights is a freemium plugin which means, it has both free and paid plans. The free version, of course, comes with the limitations.

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Why Do You Need To Share Your Google Analytics Date?

Here are the few situations where you need to share your Google Analytics data with others:

  1. Your client wants to keep an eye on the website traffic performance. In this situation, you need to share Google Analytics traffic report with clients.
  2. You can convert potential customers into buyers by showing them how many people are using your product or service.
  3. You may need to share your traffic performance report with your team members and other departments to keep them update.
  4. If you are planning to do a partnership with other company/website then they might ask your traffic stats. Then you may need to share your website traffic data.

How To Share Google Analytics Data?

1. Weekly Website Traffic Stats Via Email

Most of the clients I have worked with wanted to keep their eyes on their website traffic performance on a regular basis. Doing it by your own hands can be very time consuming.

But you can take help from MonsterInsights and share them traffic performance report weekly through email.

The weekly performance report is simple to understand, it will help you and your client as well to keep an eye on the website performance.

Let me share how you can do that:

Go to your WordPress dashboard and then Insights>Settings>Advanced. Now scroll to Email Summaries.

MonsterInsights allow you to add up to 5 email addresses to send email summaries. And the best thing is, you can customize the email by adding your own company’s logo to give a personal touch to email.


2. Export Google Analytics Reports as PDFs And Share

Won’t it be good if you can export Google Analytics reports in PDFs format and then share with your client?

Yes, right! That would be more easy and good way to share traffic performance with others.

With MonsterInsights, you easily export your Google Analytics performance report and share that with your clients, partner or whoever you want to share with.

This method is pretty simple, you just need to make one click and you got your PDF file ready to share.

Open the report you want to download as PDF format and click on the Export PDF Report as shown in the below image.

3. Grant Permission To Others To View Google Analytics Reports

MonsterInsights allow you to grant the access to others to view your Google Analytics data.

You can control the user roles and allow only a few people to view your Google Analytics data. You can also control whether they can change settings or not.

By using MonsterInsights, you can make this process pretty simple and game of few clicks. Just go to Insights>Settings>Advanced and then Permissions.

Here you can see which user roles can view reports, save settings etc.


For more information about sharing Google Analytics data access to others, refer to this guide…

4. Export & Share Google Analytics Reports In Other Formats

You already know how to export Google Analytics data in PDF format but if you need the report file in another format to perform more analysis.

Google Analytics allows you to export data in Google Sheets, Excel or CSV Format.

To get your data exported, you need to login into your Google Analytics account and then Navigate to a report that you want to share with your client.

In the top corner, you can see an Export option for almost every report in Google Analytics.

Click on the Export button and choose the file format you want to export the data in.

Choose the file format and it will be downloaded automatically. Now you can share the report with whoever you want to share it with.

That’s It!

I hope you found this article helpful and now you got how you can share your Google Analytics data with your clients.

If you found it useful then consider sharing it with others and feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below.

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