How To Get Started With Mobile Exit-Intent on OptinMonster?

Do you know OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent feature?

Well, this is one of the best features in OptinMonster, I love that. Because it helps me a lot in converting my one time visitors into subscribers and even sales.

But it used to be for the desktop-users only.

Whereas half of the visitors that visit a website use Mobile device and 80% of people prefer using Mobile devices to make online purchases.

But the good news is, OptinMonster announces Mobile Exit-Intent feature that can help in detecting visitors’ exit and converting them into subscribers or customers by throwing amazing deals.

Apart from this, I have one more good news for you which I will tell you later in this post.

I will show you in this post, what is Mobile Exit-Intent and how you can set up in your website/online store using OptinMonster?

What Is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is one of the best tools that make easy to capture email from visitors. It makes too easy to create subscription boxes like inline form, pop-up forms, full-screen and some other with its easy drag-n-drop builder.

But OptinMonster isn’t a free tool, you need to spend money to start using it on your site.

Here are the pricing of OptinMonster:

OptinMonster’s plans are quite affordable. But you must go with the Pro plan to get the exit-intent feature.

What Is Exit-Intent In OptinMonster?

Exit-Intent technology identify when visitors about to exit your website by clicking the browser’s back button, it detects it and shows a form that you added to show when visitors about to leave.

This technology works great in earning some subscribers and sales. You can use this to convert your one-time visitors into subscribers and customers.

As I said, OptinMonster was offering exit-intent for the desktop users but now the good thing is, they announced Mobile Exit-Intent feature also.

Mobile Exit-Intent technology helps you to convert mobile users(who about to leave your site) into subscribers and customers.

How To Add Mobile-Exit Trigger In Pop-Up Form?

Click on the Add New Campaign button at the top-right side. It will ask you to select a Campaign Type.

There are 5 types of campaign available, Popup, Floating bar, Fullscreen , Inline and Slide-in.

Select OptinMonster Campaign Type

Proceed with the Popup, and then choose a Template. However, you can also build one from scratch.

Customize your form as you want, once you are done with the designing part, Go to Display Rules section…

In the first dropdown, select exit detected and then one box will appear asking the device you want to set it for if you want to set this only for mobile users then choose on mobile devices only.

You can also set it for the both type of devices by using the third option, on all devices.

Scroll Up Trigger

Keep the sensitivity Low or Medium if you want to show the form when the mobile users scroll up. It will detect it as an exit when your mobile visitors scroll up and will show them your form.

Back Button Trigger

If a user taps the back button, it means they are serious about leaving your website. This is a great time for you to show them your form and encourage them to leave their email.

You can show them form when they tap the back button in the mobile device by keeping the Exit-Intent Sensitivity High.

It will work in both when your mobile visitors scroll up and also when they tap the back button, it will show them the form you added.

Once you added these settings in the Display Rules tab, your exit-intent form is ready.

Now, you can publish it and add on your site using the OptinMonster plugin for WordPress.

Excited to see mobile-exit intent in Action? Here you go:

As you can see, when a mobile visitor scroll up, trigger get activated and visitors can see your form.

That’s amazing, right?

So, it is the time to reveal the second good news…

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So, the good news is…

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I hope you found this post helpful if you did then must share it with others.

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