WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode? Here Is The 100% Working Solution

Is your WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode?

And you are searching, how to FIX it?

If yes, then you are in the right place because here I am going to show you the exact simple method you can use to fix WordPress stuck in Maintenance Mode issue.

Do you know why you see WordPress maintenance mode?

You see it when you update plugins, themes or WordPress itself. Especially when you update multiple plugins at once.

It happens only for a few seconds WordPress shows maintenance mode to you and your visitors and it quickly back to live site once your plugins, themes or WordPress successfully updated to the latest version.

But, today I was updating 5 plugins at once in one my WordPress blog and that WordPress blog stuck in Maintenance Mode.

I waited for some minutes but it did not back to live mode automatically, as it does every time.

I got worried when my blog was not coming live back. It was not good for the user experience.

Because they are coming to blog and seeing the blog is currently in maintenance mode…

But I managed to FIX the issues and I am going to show you the same so you can also FIX for you.

Before this, you need to understand why your WordPress stuck in Maintenance Mode.

Why WordPress Get Stuck In Maintenance Mode?

As a part of the Automatic updating system, WordPress has a built-in maintenance mode which gets activated when you update any plugin, theme or WordPress itself.

But it is only for a few seconds only when updating process is working, once it updates your plugin or theme it gets deactivated itself.

Any of the following reason can cause your WordPress stuck in maintenance mode:

  • You were trying to updates many plugins/themes at once
  • There might be compatibility issue that causes a glitch and your WordPress get stuck in maintenance mode
  • You suddenly closed your tab during the updating process
  • Your WordPress got an unknown error while updating

In result, you see this message when trying to visit your website:

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

WordPress stuck in Maintenance Mode

My WordPress got 520 Cloudflare Error while updating plugins that cause WordPress got stuck in maintenance mode.

There can be any of the above’s listed reason that causes your WordPress to get stuck in Maintenance Mode.

Now let’s see how we can solve this issue…

How To Fix WordPress Stuck In Maintenance Mode?

So, here is the method you can use to fix this issue and make your WordPress live back.

WordPress creates a file .maintenance in your website files when it activates maintenance mode.

Wondering… Where is the Maintenance File in WordPress?

You can find this file in public_html which contains wp-admin and wp-config.php etc…

Here are the ways you can use to view your WordPress files:

You need to find .maintenance file in your root folder. Once you find that file you just need to delete that to fix WordPress stuck in Maintenance Mode issue.

Where is the Maintenance File in WordPress

Once it has been deleted from your root folder, you will be able to see your WordPress is live.

You have successfully fixed WordPress stuck in Maintenance mode issue… Now your website/blog is LIVE.

How To Prevent WordPress From Getting Stuck In Maintenance Mode?

This issue is very simple to FIX…

Isn’t it?

But here are some practice that you can follow to prevent WordPress stuck in Maintenance Mode in future.

1. Check Plugins/Themes Are Compatibilities

Ensure that all plugins and themes in your WordPress are compatible with the version of your WordPress installed. You can easily check it by clicking on View Details for the plugin you want to check by going Plugins>Installed Plugins.

2. Do Not Update Multiple Plugins At Once

Avoid updating multiple plugins at once, instead, update as their update get available.

If you update plugins as their update get available you can minimize the number of updates WordPress has to do.

These are the two tips that you can follow to prevent this issue again in future with your WordPress site.

I hope you found this tutorial useful for you, if it didn’t work for you then let me know by dropping comments.

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