How to Connect WordPress Website Leads And Salesforce (CRM)?

Looking for a way to connect your WordPress website leads to salesforce CRM?

You’re on the right place! Today I am going to share the exact steps that will help you in connecting your WordPress website leads and salesforce.

You are lucky if you are using the WPForms for capturing the leads in your WordPress site. Because WPForms recently launched the Salesforce addon that will help to send WPForms form entries to salesforce.

So it is the time to say Goodbye to Manual admin and welcome Automation.

After the launch of WPForms Salesforce addon, there is no need to use 3rd-party tools like Zapier to connect WordPress to Salesforce.

How To Collect Leads In WordPress Using WPForms?

WPForms can make easy for you to collect leads in your WordPress site. It is an drag-n-drop form builder that makes easy to create any kind of form in WordPress even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

You can create contact forms, survey forms, conversational forms, multi-page forms, order forms and many more with WPForms.

WPForms has both the versions free and paid but free comes with the limited features. Whereas, premium version provides you full access to use any feature or addon to create your desired form.

Here are some of the features which makes WPForms No.1 WordPress Form Builder:

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Pre-built Form Templates
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Forms
  • Smart Conditional Logic
  • Instant Notifications
  • Entry Management
  • 3rd Party Integration With Ease

This list doesn’t end here, WPForms have many more amazing features in its premium version.

Now let’s take a look at the WPForms Pricing…

WPForms pricing

WPForms offers four plans Basic, Plus, Pro and Elite which cost $39.50, $99.50, $199.50 & $299.50 per year respectively.

But Salesforce integration is available only in WPForms Elite plan. You will need to buy that if you want to connect your WordPress forms with Salesforce CRM.

You can use this amazing drag-n-drop form builder to create beautiful forms to capture leads in your WordPress site.

Know more about WPForms and its features in this complete WPForms review…

How To Connect WordPress Forms With With Salesforce CRM Using WPForms?

As I already mentioned above that Salesforce CRM integration feature comes only in WPForms Elite plan.

You need to buy it before proceed further, you can click on this link to buy and get best available discount.

Once you have purchased, now let’s look ahead at the steps that you need to follow to connect your WordPress website leads with the salesforce CRM.

Step: 1 Install & Activate WPForms

If you already have the WPForms installed in your WordPress site then you can leave this step.

First you need to install and make WPForms live in your site. For installing WPForms, go to Plugins>Add New and search for the WPForms.


Click on the Install Now button and then Activate to make it live in your site.

Now WPForms is successfully installed on your site and you are ready to create forms to capture leads.

Let me show you how you can create a form using WPForms.

Step: 2 Create A Form To Capture Leads

To create a form, go to WPForms<Add New. Give your form a name and choose the pre-build template or you can also create from scratch but choosing a pre-built template will save some time.

select a template WPforms

After choosing a template for your form, you will be redirected to the WPForms drag-n-drop form builder interface. Where you can add more fields to your form if you want and make other important changes.

WPForms Integration

You can add more fields by dragging them from the left side menu and placing to your form where you want.

There are some other important settings also that you need to do to make your form complete.

In settings, there are three type of settings available, General, Notification and Confirmations.

General Settings: You can change the basic things of your form from here like name, description, submit button text etc.

Notification Settings: You can enable or disable the email notification from here and change other settings as well related to email notification.

Confirmation Settings: You can set the confirmation type from here. There are three types of confirmations available:

  1. Message: You can show the message when someone submit your form.
  2. Show Page: By using this, you can redirect your visitors who submit your form to a page within your site.
  3. Go to URL(redirect): If have a thank you page outside your site then use this option.

There is another setting which is also very important, it is in Marketing tab. Here you need to integrate your form with your Email service provider so you can capture the emails in your email list.

Connect with email service

Now your form is ready to be placed on your site. You can do that by clicking on Embed button at the right-top corner and then copy the shortcode and paste it wherever you want to show your form.

Step: 3 Automatically Create Salesforce Objects

Do you want to create a Salesforce object when someone submit your form?

Well, it is too easy to do because you have selected WPForms. It all can be done automatically using WPForms.

First you need to install and activate the Salesforce addon which you can do by going to WPForms>Addons and then search for the Salesforce.

Install Salesforce addon

Once salesforce addon is installed in your site.

Now go to your form that you want to connect with salesforce. Go to Marketing and then Salesforce, you only need to select the object you want to create in the settings for your form, like shown in the below image:


You can create a new Lead from each submission or use an internal form to quickly add new Salesforce account.

After selecting the object you want to create, map the fields in your form to the fields in salesforce.


You can also use Conditional Logic if you want to control which entries should be sent to Salesforce.


That’s It! You have successfully connected your WordPress form leads to Salesforce CRM. Now all the entries will be sent to Salesforce.

These are the simple steps that you can use to connect your WordPress form leads to Salesforce. WPForms really makes it easy to do, you don’t need any 3rd party tool like Zapier to do so.

It all can be done automatically with few simple clicks with WPForms.

I hope you found this tutorial useful for you if you did then must share it with others.

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