How To Create A Calculator In WordPress?

Looking for a helpful tutorial on how to create a calculator in WordPress website?

Here you got one! In today’s post, I am going to share a step-by-step guide that will help you in building a calculator in your WordPress site.

You just need to follow the steps that are mentioned in this tutorial.

But before moving ahead, you need to understand why do you need a calculator on your site?

Why Do You Need A Calculator On Your Website?

Having a calculator placed on your website can provide a good user experience, yes it does!

For example, you have a website where you provide details related to loans. You can offer a free calculator for your visitors so they can calculate their EMIs for their desired loan amount along with the interest rate.

It can help them to understand how much total interest they will need to pay.

Likewise, if you have a Physical training website, you can provide a free calculator for weight loss and diet.

Best Calculator Plugin For WordPress?

Choosing a perfect Calculator plugin is also crucial because sometimes, plugins impact on websites loading speed or even break the website because of being built using poor codes.

So first, you need to choose a perfect plugin to create a calculator in the WordPress site. There are many calculator builder plugins available in the WordPress plugins directory.

Here are the names of few good plugins for creating calculator:

  1. Formidable Forms
  2. Forminator
  3. Calculated Fields Form

Here you can check a few more great options for building calculator in WordPress.

After testing all the three plugins for creating calculator, I found Formidable Forms pretty good in that.

Why? Because it has a drag-n-drop editor that makes it easy to build calculators even you don’t know how to code.

Not only with building calculators, but it can also help you in building forms like contact forms, survey forms, registration forms etc that you need on your website.

What Is Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms is one of the best WordPress forms builder which makes it easy to create any kind of forms in WordPress website using their drag-n-drop editor.

You can easily create any kinds of forms including calculators with Formidable Forms even if you are a newbie.

By using Formidable Forms, you can create these kinds of forms in your WordPress site:

  • Contact forms
  • Payment forms
  • Registration forms
  • Survey forms
  • Calculator forms

For building a calculator using the Formidable Forms, you must need to purchase its Business plan which will cost you $199.43/year.

But here is a deal for you, Formidable is offering flat 50% OFF on all their plans on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. So, you can purchase the Formidable Forms Business plan at $99.71 per year.

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How To Create A Calculator In WordPress Using Formidable Forms?

First you need to install the Formidable Forms plugin in your WordPress website, which you can easily do by going to Plugins>Add New and search Formidable Forms.

Click on Install Now and then Activate button to make it live on your site.

Follow the installation instructions in this docs by Formidable Forms itself.

Note: Make sure you upgraded it to Business license. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create calculators.

Now navigate to Formidable>Forms then click on the +Add New button at the top.

Now search Calculator in the search box and you will see some pre-built calculator templates. By using a template for creating your calculator, it will make it easy for you and time-saving as well because you won’t need to create it from scratch.

You can check the preview of any template by clicking at the eye symbol.

Now choose the template of the Calculator that you want to build. For selecting the template, click on the + icon.

Enter the form name and the form description(which is optional).

After clicking the Create button, you will be on the Formidable Forms drag-n-drop editor where you can see some fields already added because of the calculator template you’ve selected.

You can easily add more fields to your form just by dragging them from left-side and dropping into your form where you want to add that.

There are tons of fields on the left side that you can add into your form like text, checkboxes, radio button, phone number, time, date etc.

Now when you are done with the customization of your calculator. This is the time to make it live on your site.

There are the two ways you can use to add the calculator to your site, first is using the Formidable Forms block and the second is using the Shortcode.

The first method is good if you are adding the Calculator on any post or page, just click on the + icon to add a block in Gutenberg editor.

Then search for the Formidable Forms.

After that, choose the name of your calculator that you want to add. That’s It!

Isn’t it pretty easy to add calculator in your WordPress site?

The second way which is using the Shortcode is also very easy. You just need to copy the shortcode of your calculator by going to Formidable>Forms.

And paste the code wherever you want to add your calculator.

These are the two simple methods you can use to place the Formidable Forms calculator on your WordPress website.


This was how you can create a calculator in your WordPress website using Formidable Forms. There are many other calculator builder plugins are available but I found Formidable Forms a way better than them.

It doesn’t require any coding skills to create a calculator, you can easily create using their Drag-n-Drop editor.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful if you did then make sure to share it with others.

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